Keyboard Controls:

  • WASD: Move
  • Space/Shift: Jump
  • K: Jump
  • J: Spitfire
  • P: Pause
  • Q: Show UI (Levels completed, Gems collected, Play Time)
  • F1: Casual Mode (Turn this on if the game is too hard for you. In Casual Mode you restart from the beginning of the level even when you run out of lives. This is for practice ONLY, and you won't get the full experience of the game in Casual Mode. You can only activate/deactivate this in the first level.)

[Please refrain from using a gamepad.]

How many levels can you finish starting with just one life? Collect Gems to get farther in the game!

For PC players: If you can't see the whole game window, do one of the following:

  • Press F11 to toggle Full Screen (works on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, may work on other browsers). You can press F11 when you're done to exit Full Screen.
  • Press the [ CTRL ] and [ - ] keys to zoom out.

If you enjoyed this game, please consider donating! I need funds for art, music, and marketing. EVERYONE who donates will be included in the final game's credits. You can donate by buying the download version on this page.


This is a game about Helio, a Balloon Dragon. He lives in a tower with his best friend. Every other day, he travels outside the tower to explore and look for treasure. At the end of the day, he shares treasure with his friend and tells her about the days' journey. Today, however, Helio has wandered a bit too far. Help him find his way back home.

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Designer/Programmer: Gabriel Pescado

Sprites: Nahual Studios

Music: Mr. Behavior

Backgrounds: Daria Ivaniuk

Tile Art: FenyoMaxChill1337

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PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Action
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags2D, Cute, Difficult, Dragons, GameMaker, Pixel Art, Retro, Singleplayer


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You added a lot of interesting things to the game. This is fun. But it’s still difficult. Especially, I like the direction key because I usually use my right hand. Button A is hard to use button D. I made the jump button with the W button.


Thanks for the feedback. I think I'll make it so that both the arrow keys AND WASD move the character.




Great game, i love the art and sounds

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it.


funny game ! Well done 🌟

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!


Please let me know when you update. I’m curious.

(1 edit)

I actually updated earlier this week. I'll update again either next Wednesday or next Thursday.

You can also download the game for $1 (it will be on sale from 6/23-7/9; during the sale you can purchase it for just 50 cents!), and the downloadable version features controller support. If you download it, let me know if the controller works.

Not possible in my controller. Spritfire is impossible for me.


What type of controller do you use?


This is it. Game pad for PC and switch. It is used in other PC games. Maybe it is not possible to connect with this game.


Yeah, based on what I read online about the issue, gaming controllers are wonky with internet browsers. I might have to make it exclusive to the downloadable version, since I haven't had many issues getting it to work when running on Windows.



(1 edit) (+1)

Hey  Gabethedeadfish, The game looked really fun and charming especially the little blue dragon, I see a lot of potential in this game but it's not without it's flaws.

The Art looked simple for being a prototype the movements are silly especially the grey snowman and the bird with the tiny mustache. 

The sounds are a little broken, the main music was boring and I could here some interactions in the background like playing a toy piano with a recorder, the sfx for the jewels are questionable because it sound like the dragon is drinking from them and its very loud especially the death sound witch caught me by surprise.

the movements aren't fluent and the jump can result in being broken and buggy, there's also problems with the collision detection, I could easily reach on one of the clouds on the first level by jumping high and connect to it, I'm not even trying to speedrun it haha. 

Overall, the game looks unfinished but I believe you can do better so get back to work XD.   

P.S I got to level two cause i didn't know how to progress after reaching the top where the two snowman looking creatures were. 


Thanks for the feedback. 

I could easily reach on one of the clouds on the first level by jumping high and connect to it

That was intentional. The first level is more of a playground for the player to experiment with jumping and running. It's not supposed to be difficult for anyone.

I got to level two cause i didn't know how to progress after reaching the top where the two snowman looking creatures were. 

I'm not sure how many people got stuck in that part. That said, once you reach the top, you need to go left towards the birds at the top, then fall to the bottom of the level, then make it past the flowers and through the door at the bottom-left corner of the level, highlighted in the screenshot below.

I might add signs if too many people have trouble figuring this out.

the movements aren't fluent

Do you have any suggestions as to how I can make the movement more fluid? Any advice would be appreciated.


You made a fun Game to play. I should also give some feedback what you can do better.

-start with the Collision detection. I know you use GameMaker engine.In gamemaker you can make a collision bounding box this will help you so that the character is not stuck in the floor or walls.

-Out of bounds: in level 5 I can go out of bounds when I go to the top left.

-Controlls. I know first platformer mistake happens to me too when I started. 
Lookup how  players move in platformers. 

Sometime if the player don't hold the button to the right or left anymore the character move sometime a little bit futher.

-Show me how much lifes I have not for a brief moment when I collect crystals. 

But you shooting works good. You have basic enemies sounds and music and, you explain the game how it works. 

So that is a win.

Keep up the good work.


Thanks for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed it.

-I'll have to learn how to make a bounding box, but I'll definitely look into it!

-Okay, I will try to fix that as well

-I would have to figure that out. I might adjust the movement to how you suggested, depending on if it improves the game feel.

-Actually, you should be able to pull up your stats by pressing Q. I'll add that to the game info. But I would like to ask: should I use a different button to show your lives, or is Q fine?


Nice game , I  really like the graphics , and I think it's  a lot of fun to play :)

Thanks for the comment! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I paid a lot for the graphics, and I'm pleased with how they look, especially the backgrounds!


This plays like the old browser games. Floaty physics, rough unpolished art and audio; it just really stands out from the most nowadays platformers (in not exactly positive way). I'm not saying the game is bad though, it has some retro charm to it and is actually fun to play.

Not sure if it's intended, but after defeating the boss in level 10 (?), the battle repeats infinitely and is unbeatable.

I'm glad you at least had fun playing it. I've been getting plenty of complaints about the audio, so I'm working on that.

"Not sure if it's intended, but after defeating the boss in level 10 (?), the battle repeats infinitely and is unbeatable."

There are only 10 levels available at the moment. Most people don't make it as far as level 10, so I didn't pay much mind to what happens after. I may add more levels after I polish what I have playable at the moment.


1UP add plz. [1up] Too little.


Sure, I will change it. It will be in the next update, which should come either next Wednesday or next Thursday.



It's a fun game. Little difficult at times, but still a very fun one. I might challenge some of my friends to this game.


I hope they enjoy it too! I'm working on easing the difficulty a bit so more folks can enjoy it.


The level was a little difficult. The music and the dragon character were good.


Thanks for the feedback. I added a few opportunities in the game to earn extra lives. I hope they help!


Pretty neat game yo had fun playing it .Game play is great ,controls are flexible and easy to understand and manipulate .Plus the graphic has an authentic vibe of modern day and retro to it. Otherwise great game wish you could more an extra life at some point of the game.

Thanks a lot for the feedback, man. I do want the player to only have one life by default, but I might make it so you can earn extra lives while playing the game.